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Vegan Bounty Flapjack

Vegan Bounty Flapjack

One of my favourite ways to up overall daily caloric intake is with energy-dense snacks such as flapjack... but of course, I make my own to ensure there are no added nasties. Why not give this deli...

RecipesLemon Protein Chia Pudding

Lemon Protein Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is one of those light, summery puddings that, well, you can actually enjoy for breakfast or as a satiating snack rather than a dessert.

RecipesLemon Protein Crepes

Lemon Protein Crepes

Pancake day is just around the corner, and thankfully you can enjoy delicious, authentic-tasting crepes, with added protein!

RecipesCaramelised Protein Gingerbread French Toast With Cinnamon Yoghurt

Caramelised Protein Gingerbread French Toast With Cinnamon Yoghurt

The Limited Edition Gingerbread Whey by Efectiv is still a firm favourite in my household (and probably one of my favourite flavours of all time!) so when Sunday morning comes around, I'm serving u...

RecipesLemon Polenta Protein Cake

Lemon Polenta Protein Cake

Who doesn't love a sweet slice of cake with an afternoon cuppa?

RecipesBanana Raisin Protein Cookies

Banana Raisin Protein Cookies

These sweet snacks came about one rainy afternoon when my cupboards were low on snacks... and everything else! With a little creative thought and a handful of simple ingredients, I was able to whip...