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The Rebuild Stack -

Here are three tips from EFECTIV Athlete Shaun Mackenzie for rebuilding your physique after lockdown.

Fuelled By Macros, protein recipe -

These high protein froyo bark bites are so refreshing and sweet, they make a lovely dessert or light snack.

Fuelled By Macros, protein recipe -

Peanut butter has to be one of my favourite things... opening a jar is dangerous though... I could eat it straight from the jar! These cookies are just as risky. They are so sweet and nutty, you wont want to stop at one.

Fuelled By Macros, protein dessert, protein recipe -

These giant protein balls are chocolately, fudgy, nut-butter-y bites of awesomeness that are so packed with protein that I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty about eating more than one at a time. 

healthy lifestyle, lifestyle, lockdown -

As we are now approaching what looks like the end of lockdown, it almost feels like a new year.

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EFECTIV Athlete Annie Rees' Dieting Tips

Fuelled By Macros -

That may sound like a bold claim but this has all the elements required to create the perfect banana bread; moist, gooey dough, crispy edges and just a little crunch courtesy of walnuts.

Fuelled By Macros -

Protein skillet cookies are a fantastic high protein base for topping with your favourite things. Getting their texture from tinned chickpeas mean these sweet treats are actually full of fibre and far healthier than you would think!

Fuelled By Macros -

These decadent chocolate bars are no-bake, fuss-free, and can be whipped together with just a few simple pantry ingredients.