Product Spotlight - EFECTIV Intra Fuel

Product Spotlight - EFECTIV Intra Fuel

Introducing the new standard of Intra-Workout

What is Intra Fuel

EFECTIV Nutrition Intra Fuel is a brand-new carbohydrate-based food supplement designed to support intense training sessions.

Intra Fuel combines premium ingredients including Cluster Dextrin®, Rednite®, as well as the tried and tested Betaine Anhydrous, D-Ribose and L-Taurine.

Each serving contains just over 20g of carbohydrates, with 20g of the premium Cluster Dextrin®.

Intra Fuel is available in two refreshing flavours with the choice of Berry Blast and Strawberry Lime.


It’s common knowledge that carbohydrates (glucose) are your body’s preferred fuel source. Glucose is readily available for use by the body’s cells as it circulates in the bloodstream, however there is only so much glucose that can remain in the bloodstream, therefore we need reserves.

The glucose reserves are stored in the liver and in our muscles in the form of glycogen. The average human stores around 500g of glycogen throughout the body.

When the body breaks down stored glycogen into readily available glucose, a process called glycogenolysis occurs. During an intense resistance-based training session, glycogen can be depleted by up to 36%, according to J Appl Physiol (1985).

High performance athletes consume fast digesting carbohydrates during their training sessions or sporting activities with the aim of quickly replenishing glycogen levels to maintain their performance. This is where Intra Fuel comes in!

Benefit of intra-workout carbs

As mentioned, glucose is the body’s preferred energy source. In a systematic review by Pochmuller et al. it was observed that intra-workout carbohydrates are best utilised during sessions that last at least 90 minutes. This may be because glycogen depletion will start to negatively impact athlete’s performance around this time.

Benefits of using Cluster Dextrin® as the carbohydrate source

Cluster Dextrin® is the premium form of carbohydrates when it comes to supplementation.  Cluster Dextrin is low glycaemic, highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD). The structural properties of HBCD promote rapid gastric emptying, virtually eliminating any digestion issues often found with cheaper powdered carbohydrates.

The benefits of Cluster Dextrin® don't end there. In a 2013 human clinical trial of Cluster Dextrin®, 24 adult male athletes showed that during cycling exercise, the group administered 15 grams of Cluster Dextrin performed better than those who took the same amount of maltodextrin.

How and when to Use

For best results, it’s recommended to mix one full serving (30.5g) with 400-500ml of chilled water. We recommend starting to consume Intra Fuel five minutes immediately prior to exercise.

By starting to consume before your workout, you’re intaking key electrolytes from the Coconut Water Powder and Himalayan Pink Salt, ensuring you’re hydrated and ready for action.

EFECTIV Nutrition then recommend consuming up to ¾ of the total drink during your workout, sipping regularly throughout your gym session or sporting activity.

It’s then recommended to consume the remaining drink immediately upon completion of your session.

By consuming Intra Fuel in this way you’re providing your body with a “drip feed” of carbohydrates and electrolytes, which may help to maintain maximum performance during your workout.

Who is Intra Fuel designed for?

EFECTIV Intra Fuel is designed for athletes who take their training, diet, and supplementation seriously. Intra Fuel is best deployed during intense training sessions which last at least 60 minutes. As mentioned previously, the benefits of the intra-workout carbohydrates will start to reap around the 90 minute mark, making Intra Fuel ideal for use during extended bouts of endurance training, CrossFit or Powerlifting.


To summarise, Intra Fuel is a premium intra-workout carbohydrate supplement with added benefits of hydration and increased blow flow.

Intra Fuel can be stacked with other EFECTIV Nutrition products such as ELITE pre-workout, Performance Creatine and Performance Hydration.

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