Easing Back Into "Normality": 3 Lifestyle Changes I Will Continue To Do After Lockdown Ends

Easing Back Into "Normality": 3 Lifestyle Changes I Will Continue To Do After Lockdown Ends

As we are now approaching what looks like the end of lockdown, it almost feels like a new year. We will have everyone rushing to the gyms with new goals, going back to work after time off and generally, returning to the fast pace lifestyle we were once used to. Although I must say I am extremely eager to return to the gym, some changes I had to adapt to during lockdown will still remain once it ends.

  1. Experiment in the kitchen: Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Although there is a benefit of having the usual chicken\rice\veg combination, if I’m not prepping for a show I can afford to really experiment with my meal prep using delicious new recipes that I would never have previously made. If you’re anything like how I used to be, meal prep that sounded nice required way too much effort. However, I’ve come to realise that isn’t the case. @beelishfood on Instagram has been my lockdown food inspo page. I will for sure continue to follow her healthy delicious recipes post lockdown.

  2. Running: Now here's a lifestyle change I never thought I would say. Even after lockdown I still wouldn’t run more than twice a week. You may wonder what's the point if it's only twice a week? Running has maintained and actually increased my leg strength, improved my overall training performance and kept me very much accountable for my overall health.

  3. Yoga and Meditation: I did this pre lockdown however, it was only when I had time to do it. Post lockdown I will be making the time. The power of both yoga and meditation is life-changing. Once you dedicate yourself to 15 minutes of yoga and mediation a day, you allow yourself to really let go of everything else around you making you feel more at ease, be more productive and appreciate the ‘now’.

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