Kate Linsell

Kate Linsell

Kate is a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Pole Fitness Athlete, Flexibility Coach, Gymnastics Coach and Personal Trainer based at her gym Heavenly Bodies in Greater Manchester UK

Kate prides herself in encouraging her clients to build a body that performs at its best using the correct nutrition, supplements and training plan.

Kate’s weekly training schedule includes bodybuilding training, CrossFit, gymnastics, pole and flexibility training and believes - first and foremost -  your training plan should excite you - and the results will follow!

Recent Titles:

  • WBFF Fitness Model Tall 1st place 2018 (PRO CARD)
  • WBFF Fitness Overs 1st place 2018
  • Miss Galaxy Universe World Championships Fitness Model 1st place (AND OVERALL) 2016
  • Miss Galaxy Universe World Championships Bikini 1st Place (AND OVERALL) 2016
  • WBFF Fitness Tall 3rd place 2016


I am vegetarian so a typical day consist of:

  • Breakfast: porridge oats, blueberries, banana
  • 11am 3 x eggs, half a pitta bread and spinach
  • 1pm 3 x veggie sausages green veg, rice or potato
  • 3pm after training EFECTIV whey protein shake with banana or porridge
  • 6pm tub of cottage cheese rice spinach Avacado
  • 9pm another light veggie meal or a EFECTIV casein protein shake spending on what time I finish work etc
  • Have AIM amino acids, creatine daily sometimes switch whey with EFECTIV mass gainer if I feel like I need the extra calories : )

Favourite cheat meal - NANDOS



My training regime is about 2 sessions of pole fitness strength work mainly which is amazing for your core area, abs, obliques etc as well as shoulders and arms. I also teach several pole fitness classes at the studio i run alongside the gym in Oldham (pole and shape and heavenly bodies fitness club)

I train legs twice a week and other body parts once, legs were my weaker area last year but feel like they are now becoming a strong area too, very proud if this as I have worked hard to make them grow!

I absolutely love training abs, we have gymnastic rings in the gym which I love using as well as using the pole for flags, iron x etc and the pull up bars... Anything to do with core strength is my favourite, my abs have always been my best body part and this is due to 7 to years of obsessive pole training!