Ana Polujan

Ana Polujan

I got into training only 5 years ago, after my son was born and I was overweight and out of shape. I started with long-distance running, ran a marathon and got bored with it. Then I saw a video on social media of a woman pulling a truck and said: "Wow, I want to do it too!" 5 years forwards, here are my achievements so far:

  • North Yorkshire's strongest woman 2016 Novice 3rd place
  • Burnley & Pendle Strongest Woman 2016 3rd place
  • Sheffield's Strongest Woman 2016 2nd place
  • North's Strongest Woman 2017 4th place
  • England's Strongest Woman 2017 10th place
  • UK truck pulling championship 2017 2nd place
  • London's Strongest Woman 2018 2nd place
  • North's Strongest Woman 2018 2nd place
  • England's strongest woman 2018 2nd place
  • Britain's strongest woman 2018 6th place
  • UK truck pulling championship 2018 1st place
  • Armageddon powerlifting 2018 1st place
  • North's strongest woman 2019 1st place
  • England's strongest woman 2019 3rd place
  • Hull's strongest woman 2019 1st place
  • Truck pull championship 1st place
  • Bus pull Championship 1st place

Along the way, I turned my passion into a career and now am a successful personal trainer and certified nutritionist at Ultra Flex Hull gym. I help people get lean, strong and confident. It's incredible to see how lifting weights can completely transform people's lives.

My future plans are to compete in the Natural Strongwoman federation and also Powerlifting. Being strong and powerful is my passion and I love testing it in the competitions.



My nutrition approach is very simple- I eat healthy nutritious foods daily- plenty of colourful vegetables with most meals, high protein(at least 2g per kg of bodyweight)- chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, tuna, eggs, egg whites, whey protein, diary products like milk and Skyr yoghurts. My favourite carb sources are bagels for breakfast and oats post-workout. Also sweet potatoes, pasta, rice, quinoa. I absolutely love fruit and berries- I eat plenty daily. All of the above is about 80% of my diet and the rest is "food for the soul"- usually chocolate? I believe it's very important to allow yourself foods you really enjoy and not over restrict yourself.



My current training is a bit different from my usual Strongwoman competition prep. It's an offseason for me so I wanted to try traditional bodybuilding push-pull-legs split which I really enjoy. Although I've adjusted the programme slightly so I start each session with one heavy lift- deadlift, log press, farmers walk or yoke. I train 4-5 times per week for 90min. I'm not a fan of cardio so I keep it minimal (short and intense conditioning)and rather get outside for a walk than do the treadmill.